What He Said: I’m Lazy for Not Liking to Cook

Apparently, the fact that I hate to cook and have embraced using a crock pot as a way of dealing with this, makes me lazy. One “Family Man” over in the comments at Modern Feminist Mystique (Note: It’s a commenter not Ms. MFM who made the statement) said that my use of a crock pot was a “lazy excuse” rather than exactly what it is, a way of dealing with the fact that I hate to cook but love to eat.

A paradox to be sure.

I love food. I love to experience the tastes and textures. I love the layering of flavor and the way a good meal satisfies you body and mind. I just don’t want to spend three hours cooking it.

In her post, MFM is taking the stand point that cooking is a duty. I happen to agree. However, the last time I checked being born female didn’t immediately translate into me having the “love to cook” gene. I don’t like cooking. I don’t like being in the kitchen for long periods of time. Also, as I get older not only do I have greater and more varied responsibilities, but I also find my patience level dropping.

My crock pot

My crock pot

My answer to a very real need to feed my family healthy food – my SO is severely diabetic and I’m epileptic which means we both need a low glycemic, healthy diet to manage our respective issues – was to embrace crock pot cooking.

First, there are real health benefits to cooking food for longer periods at lower temperatures. Food is more tasty and tender. The nutrients remain intact.

In addition to the health benefits, you can save time and money as well as use your time more effectively.

Yesterday, I prepared a smoked brisket for my family that took 10 hours to cook. I cleaned the veggies, made the sauce, and got everything going in about 30 minutes. During that next ten hours, I put in a full-days work, spent several hours editing my next book, did laundry, cleaned my bathroom, walked my dogs on three separate occasions, spent time relaxing with my family, checked my daughter’s homework, and did a little personal reading.

Which activity should I have sacrificed in order to more “actively” cook?

I fail to see how by using a crock pot I am being lazy. If anything, I’d say I’m much more efficient and effective and I’m not sacrificing either time with my family or their nutritional needs.

Needless to say, that comment truly pissed me off.

21 thoughts on “What He Said: I’m Lazy for Not Liking to Cook

  1. The problem is your thinking genes are being overridden with the make me a sandwich gene (no mayo on mine please). So you fail to see you are in fact being lazy (totally kidding!!)

    I love using a crockpot and there are a ton of reasons to slow cook, lazy is not even close to the top 10 (although it is a good reason!). I don’t get the logic either way you set it up, it isn’t magic.

    So about that sandwich?

  2. Crockpot cooking is still cooking. Just because it doesn’t involve hours and hours of chopping, slicing and dicing doesn’t make it any less of a meal. Go with what works.

  3. Shoot him in the face with a squirt gun when he says crap like that. It’s funny to watch their reaction, it’s harmless and. It’s great aversion therapy that’s playful in a lightly threatening, draw your boundaries kind of way. It makes the point when words just never will. Jayne

  4. Elene, can you clarify to your readers that it was a commentator named ‘family man’ who called you lazy. I did not call you lazy, and as I said above that I use a crock pot myself sometimes. Before more of your readers attack me about calling you lazy.Thanks!

  5. I love your blogs and I can fully testify that what was said reinforces the stereotype of men being pigs-sorry but I also fully expect stupidity from men-I see this as common and as the norm-no woman would ever say that-they deal with a different type of thinking-their brains are different

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