Win a Free Copy of Doing DC

Doing DC Cover imageEnter to win a free copy of my latest book, Doing DC. I’m giving away two copies on Goodreads. The contest ends on May 31!

From the Publisher: Doing DC is a tasty, red-hot look inside the sexual underworld of the US capitol, Washington DC. Secret sex clubs, bondage, submission, ménage à trios, sex scandals and more.

Synopsis: Washington, DC may be the heart of the United States, but when our leading couple decide to take a sexy weekend in the nation’s Capitol, they find themselves at the heart of a scandal unlike anything they might have expected.

After arriving in DC, our couple take in the sights and sounds of the District. Little does our heroine know, that her leading man is planning much more than just a relaxing weekend. He intends to introduce her to elements of BDSM and kink and push her boundaries in sensual exploration.

A visit to an exclusive sex club sets our couple on the path to exploring their darker, erotic side to its full potential. In a disturbing twist, however, our couple soon find themselves at the heart of a mystery involving ranking politicians, sex slaves, and political power the likes of which they’ve never experienced. Can they get to the bottom of what’s going on? Or are they already in way over their heads?

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