I Just Had to Get This Off My Chest

I love Bruno Mars’ music. For years now, I’ve lamented the degradation of music. I’m so sick of auto-tune I could spit. If you need something like that to make your voice work, don’t sing.

I grew up with Michael Jackson and his Off The Wall album. I know I’m dating myself here, but I learned to dance to Rock With You when I was four years old. My much older sister taught me how to do the rock. She’d play with me and we’d do the Hustle together.

Music you can dance to is part of my DNA.

I remember groups like New Edition, Kid n Play, Heavy D, McLyte, Salt-N-Pepa, New Kids on the Block … all of them had dancers. We’d come home from school, turn on MTV (back when it really was Music Television) and watch the videos and try to learn all the dance moves.

I could Wop, Cabbage Patch and do the Prep with the best of them.

The days of great music you can dance to seemed to be long gone.  Until Bruno Mars came on the scene. I’m over the moon to see and hear his songs. I love them. He actually sings! His voice is unique and authentic and… he dances. I just saw the new video for Treasure, but I like his live performance at the Billboard Music Awards best so I’m sharing that.

I also loved this performance of Locked Out of Heaven. It’s such a throw back.

2 thoughts on “I Just Had to Get This Off My Chest

  1. I heard him talking about his concerts. He said he makes it a party and I would love to see him in a smaller venue than the gigantor Staples Center in LA. Unless you’re up close for hundreds of dollars, the artists look like little toys. It would be a blast for sure. I love that he has a band with horns!!!

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