Sharing the Love

screen-shot-2013-06-14-at-12-02-36-pmThe lovely Anastasia from Astraltraveler has bestowed upon me the Share the Love Award. Thank you so very much, A. It’s appreciated. As with all of these awards, there are rules, namely answer the questions and pass this on to eleven other blogs.

1.  Name an enduring sorrow, something that has lasted for over a year

One of the dearest people I’ve ever known  was viciously murdered along with most of her family when we were twenty-one. She remains in my heart.

2. Best song that captures an enduring sorrow
They Reminisce Over You  by Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth.

3.  Band with the best lyrics
Maverick Sabre. I love all of his songs and the lyrics are wonderful.

4.  Band with the best music
Youngblood Brass Band. I love their music.

5. How do you relate to nature? I mean do you need it, trees, lakes, seas, mountains etc.

I love nature as long as I have lots of bug spray. Personally, I’m a beach girl. I need the sand and the sound of the ocean. I’m most at peace when I can hear the crashing of the waves.

6. Appliance you cannot do without.

My handheld shower head. It has many lovely settings that can be used quite creatively.

7. Have you ever been bullied?  describe it (if you feel ok that is)

When I was twelve and in seventh grade, I was bullied regularly by a girl named Tish because I’d made the mistake of dancing at a school event with her boyfriend. He’d asked me to slow dance and I didn’t know they were together. I accepted and my life was a living hell for the rest of the year. Ironically, we ended up working at the same shoe store three years later and she didn’t even remember me.

8.  Did you ever sleep with someone because that would be easier than telling that person or persons, no?  Describe that…if you feel ok

Yes, but I said no. He just didn’t take me seriously and rather than fight harder I caved.

9.  Is there a painter you like?  Link please…

Maxfield Parrish

MaxfieldParrish_YoungKing maxfield_parrish_01

Degas (Particularly his ballerinas)

The-Dance-Class-1873-76 Blue-Dancers,-c.1899

Renoir (my favorite is the Luncheon at the Boating Party)


10.  Favourite you tube clip…link please

Sorry, don’t have one.

11.  Most masochistic thing about you…..this is me after all …. describe if you feel ok.

Well, I would say my entire adult life has been an exercise is masochism as I struggle to break the chains of emotional abuse that hold me back.

And the Nominees Are …

 Dreamz of Dragons. This woman’s support has helped shape my writing career. She’s one of the best beta readers ever and her new review blog is a great resource for romance readers.

Black Box Warnings. This site is devoted to all of us who have dealt with or are dealing with societal expectations in the forms of abuse, medications, mental illness, etc. This labor of love started from a personal struggle and you can’t find better writing on the web.

The Categorical Housewife. She says what she means and means what she says. What more can you ask for.

The Fur Files. Hilarious. ‘Nuf said.

Enchanted SeaShells. She’s a tugboat captain’s wife and extremely crafty. I love to peek into her world.

Diary Incarnate. She has a lyrical writing style that sucks you in and makes you think.

Raising My Rainbow. A lovely blog about raising a gender creative boy. Never fails to pull a heart string.

Sweet Mother. Another awesomely funny blog you can’t go wrong reading.

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