Why I Write

Why do I write? Had you asked that question in 2004 when I took my very first writing class, I would have told you that I write to entertain. My writer’s journey began with children’s stories that I told to my daughter and then wrote down and illustrated prompting me to take my first class to get some structure on how to do it well. I just wanted to tell a good story.

Write-Your-StoryIn 2008, the answer would have been that I write to educate. I spent that year in a flurry of consumer education articles on the diamond industry … one of the most corrupt industries run by some of the most heinous cartels in the world. I simply wanted the American public to understand what they were doing if they were going to buy into the completely artificial and manufactured “need” to own a diamond.

Had you asked me that question in 2011, when I published my first piece of contemporary erotica, I would have told you I wrote to explore the human sexual condition, to smash boundaries and to titillate all in the same breath.

In January of 2012, however, I would have told you I wrote to save my life. Everything around me was in a shambles and I couldn’t figure out why. My relationship was a disaster, my psyche was in tatters and I was semi-suicidal. Semi because I was being tested for Cancer and had decided not to seek treatment if the news was bad, but was not actually seeking to pro-actively end my life. Writing during this time was an outlet for putting the puzzle pieces of my self-destruction together into a picture I could recognize.

Answering that question now, however, is much more complex. I write because I can do nothing else. In any given moment the reason will change. I might be raging against the American governmental complex, or the Puritanical legacy of America that shames us all around sex. I might be writing about my history of abuse both inflicted and withstood, I might be writing to entertain, or titillate or to encourage or simply ruminate. But, in all things, I write because my voice, my thoughts, my ability to string two words together is a freedom that I cherish and in the cherishing am driven to exercise.

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