You all make me ponder great things

The lovely Lady Jayne says it all

D i a r y I n c a r n a t e

I’m thinking that if we all live as honestly as we can, we can push the limits of where we can go

If we live, as tough as that may be, in our truth more than in the dark

We will push back the curtain’s on our hearts

I’m thinking that the more we writhe out of our confines of fear or shame or disbelief

We can push the boundaries of possibility

and one day, the very pins that hold us down will dissolve in strength and existence

and the moments we have been hurt by, misunderstood or lost

will become moments of history, of olde, of the past

and as old people, sitting in our rockers, sipping our shots

we can smile in peace, knowing that with our honesty within and in action,

we helped to bring more peace to each other and those to come.

Thank you for…

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