The Female Inside of You

I stumbled across this poem I wrote about a year ago. Given the current state of things with women in this country, it seemed appropriate to share.


Sensuality wrapped in silken flesh
the depths of which leave most to guess
the inner workings of her brain
the way to evoke her lover’s refrain

Yet, even as they long to taste her feminine flower
they don’t comprehend her earthly power
to nurture yet rend, to love and yet rage
to embrace a man so wholly is like the dawning of a new age

Rather than empower and embrace this feminine beast
they cage us, demoralize us to sit back and feast
on our impotent desire, our unchecked ire
never realizing that this chain is only as strong as the weakest link

One forged in indelible ink as we write and express our sensuality
bringing forth for all to see our feminine duality
there’s nothing more powerful, it’s true
than the strong-willed, sensual, sexual female inside of you

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