The Experiment: 3 AM Epiphany Writing Prompt #17

Welcome to the 3 AM Epiphany. Below is a prompt from the book. If you wish to join in, submit your link via the bot at the bottom. Submissions are accepted Tuesday through Friday.

The Prompt – Synethesia

Use synesthesia in a short scene — surreptitiously, without drawing too much attention to it  — to convey to your reader an important understanding of some ineffable sensory experience. Use sight, sound, touch, taste and smell.

Synesthesia – a description of one kind of sensation in terms of another; color is attributed to sounds, odor to colors, sound to odors, and so on.

Length: 600 words.


 epilepsyI’ve had epilepsy since I was eleven years old. Every seizure follows the same pattern. For this prompt, I’ve attempted to describe what it is like in those moments immediately after the seizure.

My Response

She floated feeling gloriously light. Her body was content to remain as she was. The delicious silence beckoned her, seducing her with its peace. If only she could remain here in this space. This perfect union and blissful oneness with the universe.

It was always this way in the aftermath. Every cell buzzing with awareness and yet the totality of her being was serene. Perfect clarity reigned and she understood everything and nothing simultaneously. Nothing else mattered only floating and she never wanted to descend.

Sounds invaded her peace becoming brighter. They glowed in her mind disrupting the darkness of her silence. She ignored them. She didn’t want them. Their light was heavy and weighed her down. Against her will, she began to sink.

A voice crushed her skull and pain sparkled across her skin. No longer did she float. Instead, she lay anchored to the spot where she’d fallen. Her limbs were leaden weights pinning her to the floor. The voice slowly came into focus. A man. Unknown to her. It was her name he was calling. At least, she thought so. She wasn’t certain. It felt like she should own the name, but she didn’t truly recognize it.

“Can you hear me?”

She tried to speak, but her brain and mouth were no longer synchronized. In her mind she said, “Yes. Please, not so loud.” But all that came out was, “Nnnh.”

Warm hands stroked her face and she tried to open her eyes, but she couldn’t. Strike that, she wouldn’t. She didn’t want to come back and face what was coming. She wanted to float not be anchored down.  Slowly, her eyes opened and she was assaulted by color and imagery. None of it made sense and her brain ached trying to find order in the confusion.

A face came into her view. One she felt she should know but didn’t. The lines, contours and angles were all familiar, but she could not name him. He stroked her face and whispered soothing words. After what seemed an eternity of fear, confusion and terror, order came to her confusion. Recognition came as well. So did knowledge of the event.

In the face of her understanding, she began to cry, succumbing to the crushing fatigue and helplessness as her brain attempted to reboot itself once more.

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