Reflection Gets its First Review

I must admit that I read every single review my books get. Primarily I just want to see if the book is resonating with the readers and I’m prepared for the bad reviews. Nevertheless, it’s always heartening to get a thoughtful and positive review. Especially when it’s the very first review the book gets.

Thank you to Lorie on Amazon for this:

If you haven’t read Elene Sallinger yet, she’s an author worth discovering!

In a sea of stories of tragic pasts and broken souls, Reflection is a stand out. It’s different, refreshing, and it will have you tied to your Kindle. I devoured this in no time at all. I loved Elene Sallinger’s Awakening, and my feelings about Reflection are no different.

Reflection takes place in the same Vermont town as Awakening. Since it’s the second in the series, we do get to see some of the characters from Awakening. Bridget and Conner run into one another (literally) by chance. This chance meeting unknowingly sets them off on a path to love and healing. Both have deep scars to tend with and will struggle to let go of their demons, but the pull of the past may be bigger than they expected. They will have to decide if what they have found in each other is worth fighting for.

“She’s letting the past define and cage her. I know in my heart that we could be amazing together, but she’s letting one event shape her whole life.”

Ms. Sallinger’s writing style is fresh, smooth, and insightful. Reflection is full of passion, emotion, and healing. The characters are real and endearing. You can’t help but become invested in these two. The story deals with tragic pasts yet is light and enjoyable with a feeling of new and different. What makes it different and new? Two broken people meet and start a relationship (nothing new here), but their backstory, who they are, and how they help one another isn’t what you’re used to seeing. One isn’t a dominating billionaire and the other a shy and naïve woman – no they are real people, with real jobs, and real lives. They actually talk about their relationship and issues – YES they actually have sincere and meaningful discussions. Not everything is solved with sex …….. well some of it is (and when it is, it’s very well done) but not all.

What I love most about this book is that the focus is on building the relationship and not just the physical aspect. The characters are well thought out, likeable, and easy to identify with since they are everyday people. The story was never rushed, even at the end.

If you’re looking for a great story that’s more than a surface level read with great characters that’s original, then pick this one up!


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