The Experiment: 3 AM Epiphany Writing Prompt #137

My apologies … I’ve been out of sorts recently searching for my mojo, but I’m back. With that said … Welcome to the 3 AM Epiphany. Below is a prompt from the book. If you wish to join in, submit your link via the bot at the bottom.

The Prompt – Beginnings

Write a story with one of the following as your opening sentence (or choose a sentence from a favorite writer).  You should not let anything but this sentence influence you, however you wish to be influenced (I won’t say, for instance that the style of the sentence should be continued, or that the information contained in the sentence should act as a key to your prose piece).

Length: 400 words.

Note: I’ve decided to take each sentence in turn. There are 10 of them, so this will be the first of ten prompts. Also, I deviated from the prompt in that, while I incorporated the sentence, it’s not the opening line.

Sentence: Nature has placed mankind under the governance of two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure.


bondageMy Response

Try as I might to deny it, inside myself, I was always at war. On the one hand, I desired nothing more than to be at peace. To know that I am … well, normal. I’ve gone out of my way to exemplify the lessons drilled into me of what a “good girl” is. I spent the early part of my adult life above reproach.

But, then there was Him. His seduction of me was subtle. Gentle even. He exposed me to experiences I’d never contemplated – or been able to afford on a school teacher’s salary. Opening night at the opera, crème brulee at the Four Seasons, private jets and sipping Champagne at midnight in Champagne, France. I was swept off my feet, in love and willing to please.

And he knew it.

But, I was no young girl any more. I was a grown woman. An independent woman and as much as I wanted to please him I fought him the first time he suggested he tie me up.

“How dare you wish to subjugate me? I’m not some animal to be tied down,” I raged, leaping from the bed heedless of my need for release or his straining erection.

He laughed. Laughed! “You have no idea what you’re talking about,” he cajoled. “Who fed you these ideas.”

I was startled by his reaction and confused, “Everyone know that good girls don’t -”

“Who is everyone?” he spoke calmly in that buttery tone that always melted me. “I don’t know what this whole ‘good girl’ obsession is.”

“Obsession!” I faltered over the word, trying to bring my indignation back.

Slowly, as if reaching for a skittish colt, he rose from the tangled sheets, evidence of our interrupted passion, and took my hand, drawing me to him. “Love, have I ever led you astray?”

“No,” I was forced to admit, even as I felt my body quiver.

“Then I need you to hear me. Nature has placed mankind under the governance of two sovereign masters, pain and pleasure,” he stroked my spine gently raising goosebumps and lulling me once more under his seduction. “They are symbiotic, nothing more than two sides of the same coin.”

He wrapped me in his arms and I felt his cock rub along my skin going instantly damp with the desire for him to be inside me. I melted into him.

“Do this for me. Just this once. Allow me this, let me show you what pleasure can be when it is unfettered and unconstrained by a society who wishes to control us like cattle even in the bedroom.”

I wanted desperately to please him. I wanted to run from the room and never come back. I wanted to dismiss the growing desire inside me as he described exactly what he wanted to do to me from the type of rope, to the pain he wished to inflict.

In the end, love won over propriety and I succumbed. And, now, as I wait for Him, bound, naked and thrumming with anticipation, I know the peace I’ve been searching my entire life for.

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