Why We Love Bad Boys

bad-boysAs much as we all talk about wanting a sensitive, in-touch-with-his-emotions man who won’t ridicule us for wanting to watch The Notebook, I think it’s safe to say a bad boy never fails to take our breath away.

There is something magnetic about a man with a take-no-prisoners attitude that lives life by his own rules. These are our Alphas and we never fail to fall for them. What better fantasy fodder is there than a man that walks on the edge of truly being bad. Who keeps us panting as we wait and wonder will he or won’t he?

Frankly, bad boys are also a hell of a lot more fun to write. The man who always does the right thing at the right time is predictable. There’s no tension or uncertainty. That plot is essentially hum drum, we always know what’s coming.

Bad boys aren’t afraid to break the rules. Especially rules that make no practical sense. They speak their mind. You never question whether a bad boy thinks you’re hot. And, most importantly, all truly great bad boys have an honor code. And, it is that code that underlies all of the rebellion that makes us fall in love with them.
Good guys are great too, but, let’s face it, we love good guys best when they are being bad.

2 thoughts on “Why We Love Bad Boys

  1. Elene, I know you’re doing writing based on these assumptions, so I feel obligated provide further explanation. Here goes.

    The disconnect, I believe, revolves about the difference between the expectations of women and the expectations of men. Men who act to please women aren’t “bad boys” precisely because they act to meet the expectations of women; this also makes such men predictable to women when they succeed and disappointing when they fail; it’s all a matter of framing. The “bad boy,” conversely, acts to satisfy his own will. A woman foolishly intent on her goals, and not the goals of a man she wants, will find such a man unpredictable because his goals are his own, and he doesn’t seek the council of a woman who isn’t going his way. However, when she adopts his goals as her own, he will suddenly become reliable. This is why so many a wise woman spends considerable effort convincing her man that some particularly wise goal was his idea.

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