Nicholas Sparks Confirmed My Fears (Updated)

While I believe discrimination can run both ways, i.e., male writers of erotica have a harder time being taken seriously, this is a great article on the challenges women face in the mainstream.


I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile—ever since I attended the Nicholas Sparks event a week or two ago. To be honest, the author of “The Notebook” kind of rubbed me the wrong way. I wrote a relatively innocuous post about his writing tips for the The Write Practice (which were useful); however, he reignited, if not affirmed, my concerns regarding the issue of genre, pigeon-holing and gender issues in the publishing industry.  Here’s what happened.

I Asked Nicholas Sparks a Question

After his presentation, I stood at the mic and asked Nicholas Sparks, who writes about relationships, the following: “I noticed that when female writers write about relationships or an emotional journey, no matter how deep and well-written it is, it’s usually described as chick lit. Have your books ever been described as chick lit? And how do you think the response to your books or your career…

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2 thoughts on “Nicholas Sparks Confirmed My Fears (Updated)

  1. Hello. I was recently presented with the Versatile Blogger Award, and was asked to nominate fifteen other bloggers.
    As much as I hate chain letters, I have regularly enjoyed reading and viewing your work and would like to show my appreciation by passing this award on to you.
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    This is simply my acknowledgement of gratitude for the privilege of enjoying your blog and your creative impulses.
    Chazz Vincent

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