Portrait by My Daughter

My daughter is not just an aspiring professional athlete, she is also quite an accomplished artist to be so young. For her recent induction into formally being a teenager, we bought her an Intuos drawing tablet by Wacom. She’s always been artistic, but her art has really crossed over. Below are two of her recent works … I had to share.

Portrait (this is actually a self-portrait. As you can see, she’s a warrior princess with her mohawk)




4 thoughts on “Portrait by My Daughter

  1. Man, that is quite the drawing mechanism.

    I mean the tablet, not the kid. *grin* Does she put any of this stuff on places like deviantart?

    She should.

    Will she become your illustrator, do you think? *grin*

    Heather, but just ONE dog, named Oz.

    • šŸ™‚ it is at that … she’s too young for deviant art. We still have pretty tight rein on where she can be and post too online. As for illustrations, she’s been dabbling in that vein. She’d TOO young for what I write (LOL), but her real aspiration is to be a professional golfer.

      Love the name Oz!

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