Now that it’s the Holiday Season …

I love Christmas Carols. I play them constantly AFTER Thanksgiving through Christmas Day (Thank you Sirius XM). In order to share my love of carols, I’ve decided to post one or two new ones each week until Christmas. To kick the series off, here’s my absolute favorite of favorites, Brenda Lee’s Rockin Around the Christmas Tree.

7 thoughts on “Now that it’s the Holiday Season …

  1. I just heard my favorite Christmas Carol today played by a guy on a saxophone outside . I miss them so much. They used to be played all over and now, I hardly hear them because everything is so “non-religious”. I am very glad you’ll be posting some!!

  2. For reasons unbeknownst to science, “Last Christmas” by Wham is played during the Advent season in shops and the radio around here. Maybe someone thought it to be a hip yuppie carol. If I hear that song only once during my Christmas shopping, I’ll bite into the loud speaker!

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