Saying Goodbye

goodbyeWhen I wrote my very first blog post almost two years ago, it was the entrée into a world of very nice and compassionate people who were respectful and merely looking for discussion amongst a group of similarly focused individuals. The discourse was lively, sometimes heated, and always enlightening, but not hurtful or degrading as a general rule.

I find that this is no longer the case.

For many months now, I’ve refrained from commenting on blogs as I’m tired of being flamed and having my words serve as the launching point for vicious attacks on my person. I find I question everything I plan to write and no longer have the desire to put myself in the limelight.

The final straw for me was watching a blogger I’ve followed for years recently be ripped to shreds to the point where his blog and all of his ancillary endeavors have disappeared as well. Ironically, his accuser has also disappeared.

Is the accuser’s story true? Maybe, I really couldn’t say. I wasn’t there to witness it, nor was I in any of their minds. I can say that in the years I’ve followed and, from time to time, directly interacted with Clown, he never crossed any boundaries and was above board in his respect and professionalism.

Because this is all I know, this is all that matters to me. To Le Clown I say … it’s a sad day to see you and the communities you created that were beneficial to so many, including your accusers, disappear.

In the wake of this, I came to a conclusion .. I no longer wish to be a part of WordPress. The two are not intrinsically linked. The burning of Clown in effigy is just the final straw that put me over the tipping point as I waffled.

I also realized that the only platform I need is my books. If you want to know me, read my work. I’m in each and every novel I write.

That being said, there are many of you whom I’ve enjoyed and will miss. You may see me visit from time to time, but I will no longer write here on WordPress.

Best of luck to you all.




20 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. I’m very sorry that you feel this course of action is necessary, and I will be sorry to see you go. Hopefully you will still have a way to let us know when your new books become available. I thoroughly enjoy your writing and I’d hate to see those disappear too! All the best!

  2. omg – I didn’t even know he was gone completely…that is not a good sign. I loved his mind very much. And yours! You know, you built a beautiful community too – it’s that mind… I have to write you soon! XO, Jayne

  3. Sorry to see you have to do this. But great things can’t last forever. You have surrounded yourself with some really nice people in your various incarnations, and I know we’ll all be watching for your updates. I hope you have the absolute, absolute best of everything going forward.

  4. I read this post in utter disbelieve. Firstly because your blog was one of the first, if not THE first one I found on WordPress. And secondly because in all you wrote here intelligence and common sense were evident. Why would your comments be different in anybody’s eyes? I know that the anonymity of the Internet is the ideal environment for haters of all kinds, and it saddens me that something good is ending due to their actions.

  5. I’ve had a rocky time on WP, as you may recall. I know I’m not as regular on your blog as back in “the day”, but I always felt a warm feeling when I’d see your posts or see you like one of mine. Anyway, you’ll be missed. You know where to find me, though, if you ever are inclined to say hello.

  6. I have to say that this has been sitting with me since I read it last night. I went through a birthday dinner and even thought throughout the night and again this morning about you and Le Clown. I did search him and found the void of a closed blog. This saddens me so much. The only thing keeping me from crying like a baby is the fact that an indomitable spirit lives within people such as you and Eric. XO, Jayne

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