Call for Beta Readers

Lovelies – I am looking for beta readers for Unsettled,  Book 3 of the Chrysalis Series. The basic facts of the book are below. I’m looking for a one week turnaround time. I expect to send the book out for reading on 2/28 and require comments back by 3/7.  Please note this is not a BDSM story.

If you’re interested please use the contact form to give me your email address.

Title: Unsettled
Length: approx 105,000 words
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Erotic Fiction


Mona Van Hove has spent a lifetime trying to let go of her dreams of a man that doesn’t want her. From the moment she saw him, Mona knew that Wade Stalls was the only man for her. Too bad he ran the other way as fast as he could.

Wade Stalls took one look at Mona and knew she was the one he wanted, but she was too young when they met. Now, she’s grown and just as desirable, but she treats him like a pariah every time he tries to get close to her.

When he finally gathers up his courage to confront her, he finds her in the arms of another man. Is it too late for them? Or, will they finally find their way into the only place either of them wants to be … with each other?

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