Reflection gets 4-stars from RT Book Reviews

Elene Sallinger
4 Stars

Review: Though the search for healing through dominance and submission is a theme that has been extensively explored, Sallinger brings a fresh voice to the genre and makes it her own in this second Chrysalis book. Her scarred, tortured characters are both trapped in their pasts and their pain, and their journey together is one filled with emotional intensity and soul-searching choices, as well as steamy scenes and fiery chemistry. Though there seems to be an inordinate number of villainous men in this novel, each plotline is engaging for fans and newcomers alike.

Summary: Despite her successful career and the support of her close friends, Bridget Ross remains a prisoner of her past, haunted by memories of a crime she can’t forget. But when she runs into Connor Reynolds early one morning she begins to feel a desire she’s never known before—a desire to touch, to share and to connect with someone. But Connor is also fleeing his own demons and denying the dreams he’s harbored since childhood. Can these two damaged souls find the courage to face their true needs and fight for their uncontrollable love?
Bridget Keown

Releasing May 5, 2014 in the US, Reflection is available for pre-order on Amazon and

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