Introducing J.A. Mars

Introducing J.A. Mars, my new pseudonym. Where Elene Sallinger will continue her wicked, erotic ways, J.A. Mars is taking up the mantle with experimental and contemporary fiction. J.A. will debut with a short story, The Voyeur, coming soon. Stay tuned!

The Voyeur - CoverAn indecent proposal … Kate couldn’t believe her husband would actually propose that they allow a stranger to watch them in their most intimate moments. Times were hard, they were on the brink of financial ruin, but surely a few thousand dollars wasn’t worth sacrificing the sanctity of their bedroom. Unable to sway her husband, Kate reluctantly agrees only to find herself swept up in a maelstrom that will test her marriage, her morality, and her will.

A work of short, noir fiction, The Voyeur examines society’s preconceived notions on both the watched and the watcher.

4 thoughts on “Introducing J.A. Mars

  1. Sounds wonderful! I love noir! One of my favorite horror writers – Laird Barron – often includes a noir feel in his stories.

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