Call for Beta Readers

This is a work of contemporary fiction that I am releasing as a serialized novel under my other pen name, J.A. Mars. I’m looking for beta readers for Part 1. The specs are below and thank you in advance to those who volunteer.

If you’re willing, please provide your email address via my contact form.

Title: Psycho Bitch: A Love Story – Part 1, A Shallowness of Emotion
Beta Read Due Date: September 30, 2014

Part 1 coverBook Blurb: Charlotte Wolfe knows precisely what is important in life … she is. Her life is going exactly the way she planned until her selfishness costs her everything. As she struggles to put her life back together, Charlotte must confront the truth of herself and the true nature of love through her encounters with an eclectic group of people and one adoring dog.

Charlotte has spent a lifetime molding her reality to suit her and her alone. A chameleon, Charlotte adapts her mood, her style, her entire demeanor in each situation to present a carefully constructed image. She manipulates those around her to ensure she gets her way, something she’s been very successful at until she goes too far.

Charlotte’s carefully constructed life comes crashing down around her when her boyfriend leaves taking his money and her lifestyle with him. Left with nothing, Charlotte comes face-to-face with the consequences of a lifetime of selfish decisions. As she attempts to rebuild her life, she meets people she is unable to manipulate. Her life continues to spin until she finally confronts herself, her true desires, and is forced to make the hardest decision she’s ever faced … to be true to herself regardless of the consequences.


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