Vote for which Chrysalis book you want to read next!

Help! I’m having writer’s indecision! Two new Chrysalis books have just been picked up by Xcite Books, but I’m not sure which one I want to write first. Help me out and take a moment to vote for which story you’d like to come next:

Victor Matthews had it all, a promising career in New York City Fashion, friends, and a glowing future until he simply packed up and left without a word to anyone. Ten years later, he’s built a comfortable, safe, and lonely world for himself, which he likes just fine until Kyle Barlow shows up one day malnourished, homeless, and picking through the garbage dumpster. Moved in a way he refuses to examine, Victor brings Kyle into his life giving him a job and a place to live. The problem is, Kyle’s not satisfied being on the fringes of Victor’s life or his heart.

Faye Van Hove’s life is all about lost causes. A recovering drug addict, she finds purpose in working with the most maligned dog around, Pit Bulls, and cooking for the homeless at River Rock’s homeless shelter. Faye’s carefully controlled world is rocked to the core when Dale Whittier is assigned to work off his community service at the homeless shelter. Dale has never recovered from the loss of his standing in River Rock’s community after facing charges of corruption and sexual harassment and his descent was ugly and swift. When the two meet, the attraction is intense, but is redemption possible for two broken souls or will their love be just another lost cause?

Vote now and choose which book comes next 🙂


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