Til We Meet Again

I’ll be going dark tomorrow as I’m going in for surgery, but I leave you with this .. ‘til we meet again.

Uterus, oh uterus
it’s the end of our run
our time together is soon done
You will be permanently benched
my insides will no longer clench

No longer will I puke and writhe
as you slice my body with your menstrual scythe
No longer will I scream, cry, whimper and wail
all without even getting nailed
No longer will I bleed torrentially
wondering if eventually
you would simply kill me

For murderous you have been
five times over you killed the baby within
I won’t miss you uterus
Not one single bit

I wish I could say fare thee well
but in truth, you can simply go to hell

It’s you, not me
and don’t think for a minute I won’t be
celebrating every twenty-eight days
until your menstrual hell is nothing more than the haze
of memory

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